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Welcome at Rob Koning's Genealogical Homepage. In this fashion I want to try to make the data I've collected over the years, easier accessable for the people which are interested in them. Most data collected covers the provinces of Groningen, Friesland en Ost-Friesland (Germany), because my family has it's roots there. My familyname is Koning (Connincks, Kuininckx, Cunnink, Konings, Coninckx, Koenink, etc., etc.). If you can add something and/or have improvements, I would like to hear of them by E-mail E-mail adress. This data will be checked, if necessary, and added to the collected data. That's why I would like to have the sources included, to recall the finds (With books please also include name book, writer, publisher, date and ISBN number if these have been supplied).
On this page will also be a few shortcuts to homepagina's for interesting information for the genealogists among us.

familie coat of arms Heraldry of the family Koning from Groningen. Click on the seal for further information about the coat of arms!. Also a request of help on finding certain data about it!

The genealogy of the Koning family

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Familyhistory of the Koning family from Groningen from about 1650 until now. The roots of the family are probably in North-Germany. It is known that the family had lived between 1600 and 1700 in Emden and Groningen. It is probably because of war, fighting in the region and their religion, the family moved several times between Groningen and Ost-Friesland (the surrounings of Emden). Furthermore it's known that a lot of members of this family had a function as notary, lawyer, schepene, judge etc. and a number of my living relatives have still such a function. Also some were Mayor and clergyman.

Origin of the familyname Koning

Where the family came from originaly is not known to me at this moment. There are however several possibilities which I like to sum-up here with references and quotations.

Request for help with the following searches:

  • There are clues that the regent Lubbert (or Egbert) Coninck wich in 1506 had 'the honour' Graaf Edzard van Oostfriesland, the new appointed lord of Groningen, to accommodate in his house in Groningen, direct family is. Of this I haven't found direct clues yet. I'm also not sure if this forfather has exsisted for certain. The trail between 1500 and 1650 is very vague by the many movings. Maybe there is someone who could help me further. The Northern-German searge is for me the biggest problem.

  • I'm also looking for data about a female Koning from about the end of the 1700's. She was married with refrent van Laer Dinckgreve Wich worked and lived in Sleen. I'm looking for her name, the name of her parents and of course dates and places.

  • Who would like to help me a bit further? My E-mail adress

    Herewith an access to my collection of data of the Koning family.

    The data on these pages has free access for consultation or the use in a Genealogical program for genealogical research of your own genealogy, but only if the data wouldn't be published in any form it gives at that moment, without the permission of me! If you wishes to publish, for you essential, data from my collection of data, for example for publication of your own genealogy, you would have to ask for permission first. I prefer this by mail or E-mail! This is to protect the collected data, because I want to publish this data myself in the near future!

    The subjoined links are free to use, but for the use of the data you have to contact the owners of these homepages.

    Interesting texts for Genealogical research

    Important homepages for Genealogical research in the province of Groningen, Friesland and East Frisia. Also some interesting homepages from the rest of Europe and America

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